I'm a designer, living in Las Vegas, NV, and crafting beautiful products with dreamy user experiences at Influential.
I began creating at a young age, and have found a number of artistic outlets, ranging from music, sketching and painting, to silk screens and linoleum, to a mouse moving around a computer screen. I have always loved experimenting with new techniques, learning everything I could about a process that piqued my interest, and even experimenting with familiar processes in new ways. Creating gives me life.
With over a decade of experience across many facets of design, I've had my hand in logo design & branding projects, print & web design, UX / UI, merchandise & packaging design, mobile design, and more. I take pride in a simple approach to my work, and a keen eye for pixel-perfection. I'm constantly working to refine my aesthetic, and further develop my personal style ––– I adore surrounding myself with like-minded creatives who continue to push my boundaries as an artist.
A few of my favorite things: my pup, music, coffee, Thai food, vinyl records & beardy fellas.
For inquiries, or just to recommend your favorite recipe or record, email me!
A few other things I've done:
the holy bright.  Last Call  |  Broken Arrow Cllctv​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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